Want a Brazilian Hair Weave? Get to Know Debunked Hair Extension Myths

Hair weaves or extensions are an easy way to amp up your ‘do. It’s the go-to solution of many ladies who want longer and thicker hair minus the long wait. Extensions are a popular choice for special occasions or casual getups. Despite its popularity, there are myths surrounding the use of hair extension that keep other girls from trying it, some of which are clarified below:

Myth 1: Hair weaves damage natural hair.

True IF the extensions are not properly attached and not well cared for. The strands where you fasten your extensions should be from the same area in your head and it should be attached on a group of hair since the fewer the hair, the higher the risk of breakage. To be safe, have your weaves done in a salon. As long as your extensions are attached and removed by a professional who has the skill to handle them correctly, and you follow proper care guidelines, you won’t risk damaging your hair with extensions.