Curly Virgin Hair Extensions: How to Define Your Curls for More Volume

Long or short, a full head of healthy and curly hair is designed to make a statement and turn heads wherever you go. Getting that eye-catching look is easy enough when you use curly virgin hair extensions, but anybody who has worked with curly extensions will tell you that they’re quite a handful to look after. Just like natural curly hair, they behave differently from straight hair and so to get lustrous curly hair, you should learn how to define those curls.

Work with Water
There’s no need to skip showers when you use quality Brazilian virgin hair, you can just treat them like your real hair. Wash with shampoo regularly so as to keep your extensions clean and free of product buildup. This will help maintain the curls of your extensions. Also, when you wash your hair, only do it in the shower so that the water hits your head in a downward motion as opposed to washing in the sink.


Keeping Your Newly-Curled Hair and Curly Hair Extensions at Their Best

Many straight-haired women are going gaga over curly hair. Why not? Aside from being a fashion basic in the glossy glamor pages, curls also give hair a fuller and livelier bod, which is a prominent symbol of femininity. describes curly hair as embodying fun, creativity and openness so it’s perfect for women who want a major change from their average monotonous hairstyle.

Some ladies may prefer their natural hair curled, but to get it to the desired volume, curly Virgin Remy hair extensions will be a great choice over synthetics. Why? Virgin Remy hair extensions are natural hair strands that have never undergone chemical processing, that is, no dyeing or acid baths. It’s not prone to tangling and matting and can be styled and maintained just like natural hair. Its main advantage is that it blends well with natural hair to create a seamless appearance that can never be replicated by synthetics.