Want a Brazilian Hair Weave? Get to Know Debunked Hair Extension Myths

Hair weaves or extensions are an easy way to amp up your ‘do. It’s the go-to solution of many ladies who want longer and thicker hair minus the long wait. Extensions are a popular choice for special occasions or casual getups. Despite its popularity, there are myths surrounding the use of hair extension that keep other girls from trying it, some of which are clarified below:

Myth 1: Hair weaves damage natural hair.

True IF the extensions are not properly attached and not well cared for. The strands where you fasten your extensions should be from the same area in your head and it should be attached on a group of hair since the fewer the hair, the higher the risk of breakage. To be safe, have your weaves done in a salon. As long as your extensions are attached and removed by a professional who has the skill to handle them correctly, and you follow proper care guidelines, you won’t risk damaging your hair with extensions.


Brazilian Wavy Hair Extensions Provide Added Beauty for Natural Hair

The popularity of Brazilian hair extensions among celebrities earned loyal followers among private individuals across America. Hair extensions are sometimes added to natural healthy hair of celebrities to create longer hair for a more versatile appearance to the public.
The silky and fine texture of Brazilian hair creates the alluring style that most women desire for their hair. It is also favored among hair stylists for being flexible and lightweight. Brazilian hair bundles are available in wavy or straight weaves. Brazilian wavy hair extensions are fortunately accessible from various reputable shops online, like Best Virgin Remy Hair, making it easier for women all over to get one for themselves.

Appropriate Ways to Care for Your Virgin Brazilian Hair Extensions

Women wear hair extensions so that they can sport different looks whenever they want. They don’t need to wait for their hair to grow just to achieve their desired hairstyle. There are many types of hair extensions, but virgin Brazilian hair extensions are the most sought after across the world due to its softness, density, and durability. Women should know how to properly care for these extensions so that it would always look great and would last them long before having to get a replacement.

When it comes to shampoo, distribute a generous amount over the entire scalp and massage with the tips of the fingers. Work shampoo from scalp to ends of hair and rinse. Next, it is recommended that you condition your hair. Conditioner should be worked from the crown of your head to the tips of your hair. Shampoo and conditioning should be done at least once a week.

Maintaining Brazilian Hair Extensions Requires the Right Hair Care

Nothing riles up a debate on the matter of personal hygiene better than the subject of the ideal frequency of washing your hair. Scientists, hairstylists, and pretty much everyone with hair can’t agree on that magic number. You won’t find a shortage of articles and discussions pertaining to this topic on Google, each with varying answers.

If you’re sporting Brazilian hair extensions, this topic will matter to you more. Quality extensions keep their cuticles intact over the course of manufacturing, maintaining their natural look for a long time. The worse that can happen to it is that it loses its protective sieve over poor shampoo and conditioner practices.