Virgin Brazilian Hair Extensions: Why You’ll Love Them

Women who want long hair in an instant can choose to wear hair extensions. These products come in different lengths and from different sources. While hair extensions made from different sources have a fine finish, most women still prefer extensions from a single human donor. One of the most sought after is virgin Brazilian hair extensions.

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3 Ways to Curl Your Extensions Without Heat

One of the best advantages of Brazilian virgin hair extensions is that they can be styled like your natural hair. You can dye them and you can even use straightening or curling irons. If you have the time to do it, however, you could use “heatless” techniques to style your hair with extensions. This way, you won’t damage them easily and you can maximize their lifespan and smooth, silky quality.

If you want to curl your hair extensions, here are three ways to do it without any heat:

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Brazilian Wavy Hair Extensions Provide Added Beauty for Natural Hair

The popularity of Brazilian hair extensions among celebrities earned loyal followers among private individuals across America. Hair extensions are sometimes added to natural healthy hair of celebrities to create longer hair for a more versatile appearance to the public.
The silky and fine texture of Brazilian hair creates the alluring style that most women desire for their hair. It is also favored among hair stylists for being flexible and lightweight. Brazilian hair bundles are available in wavy or straight weaves. Brazilian wavy hair extensions are fortunately accessible from various reputable shops online, like Best Virgin Remy Hair, making it easier for women all over to get one for themselves.

Appropriate Ways to Care for Your Virgin Brazilian Hair Extensions

Women wear hair extensions so that they can sport different looks whenever they want. They don’t need to wait for their hair to grow just to achieve their desired hairstyle. There are many types of hair extensions, but virgin Brazilian hair extensions are the most sought after across the world due to its softness, density, and durability. Women should know how to properly care for these extensions so that it would always look great and would last them long before having to get a replacement.

When it comes to shampoo, distribute a generous amount over the entire scalp and massage with the tips of the fingers. Work shampoo from scalp to ends of hair and rinse. Next, it is recommended that you condition your hair. Conditioner should be worked from the crown of your head to the tips of your hair. Shampoo and conditioning should be done at least once a week.

Festival Hair Ideas: Braids, Bows and Beyond

Spring and summer are traditionally festival seasons, and as early as April, there are plenty of music festivals that you might be attending (got tickets to a Coachella weekend yet?). Aside from enjoying the shows, you can’t deny that music festivals are all about making fashion statements, and hairstyles are certainly part of a great outfit. Have you already planned for how to wear your hair?

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Why Women Either Grow Their Hair Out or Opt for Virgin Hair Extensions

Lengthy, flowing hair has long been touted as attractive in women. This fascination has been around since the days of Shakespeare—the Bard once wrote of his wife’s hair as “threads of beaten gold”. Nowadays, not a lot of women wear their hair short the way Dorothy Hamill or Princess Diana did; you often only see the likes of Paris Hilton’s and Tyra Banks’ hairdos which are either grown out naturally or achieved through the likes of beautiful virgin hair extensions.

An article in the U.K. Daily Mail hoped to find out what type of hairstyle men prefer the most, and the answer was quite expected. Their survey’s respondents rated long hairdos the highest (long and wavy at 43 percent, long and straight at 13 percent); and as anticipated, short dos like the bob, bowl cut, beehive, and pixie crop occupied the lower half.