How to Quickly Achieve a Wavy Hairstyle

Long and wavy hairstyles are typical earmarks of Hollywood-like glamour that many women aspire for. This is something you cannot achieve overnight, though. There’s a complex science behind hair growth that may not be favorable to growing long hair fast for many women, so it’s best to find an alternative. One good option is using virgin wavy hair extensions. Why virgin hair?

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Virgin Brazilian Hair Extensions: Why You’ll Love Them

Women who want long hair in an instant can choose to wear hair extensions. These products come in different lengths and from different sources. While hair extensions made from different sources have a fine finish, most women still prefer extensions from a single human donor. One of the most sought after is virgin Brazilian hair extensions.

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3 Ways to Curl Your Extensions Without Heat

One of the best advantages of Brazilian virgin hair extensions is that they can be styled like your natural hair. You can dye them and you can even use straightening or curling irons. If you have the time to do it, however, you could use “heatless” techniques to style your hair with extensions. This way, you won’t damage them easily and you can maximize their lifespan and smooth, silky quality.

If you want to curl your hair extensions, here are three ways to do it without any heat:

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Festival Hair Ideas: Braids, Bows and Beyond

Spring and summer are traditionally festival seasons, and as early as April, there are plenty of music festivals that you might be attending (got tickets to a Coachella weekend yet?). Aside from enjoying the shows, you can’t deny that music festivals are all about making fashion statements, and hairstyles are certainly part of a great outfit. Have you already planned for how to wear your hair?

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Hairstyle Suggestions for Your Special Night

If you’re planning to attend a special event, you must also be planning for a specific look. You’ve shopped for the dress, found the perfect pair of shoes, and decided what makeup look to go for. The problem is: you’re still undecided on what to do with your hair. To give you some ideas, here are a few chic and elegant hairstyle suggestions for you:

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Add Beauty to Your Hair with Hair Extensions

Sometimes natural hair isn’t enough for your mane to look glorious. It needs something else to gain the celebrity ‘do quality.

Hair extension companies, for instance, offer the highest quality of Brazilian virgin hair so women could emulate their favorite artist. Whether wavy or straight, hair extension products are well-tended for, washed, and conditioned to keep their natural-looking appearance. Customers are assured that the virgin hair they receive is authentic for each strand.

Virgin hair is preferred than synthetic for its top quality and ability to seamlessly blend with your natural hair. From the term, virgin Remy hair has never been processed by any hair product or treatment, and each strand runs in the same direction. However, this superior quality of hair is naturally pricier by a few hundred dollars than the synthetic type. Continue reading

Take Care of Your Hair Extensions with These Tips

Hair extensions are useful in making women look good. However, they aren’t as durable as real hair. Women should know how to properly care for these extensions so they would always look great and last longer.

When it comes to shampoo, a generous amount must be distributed through the entire scalp while massaging the scalp with the tips of the fingers. The hair must be worked from the top down, then the scalp should be rinsed afterwards. Conditioning must be done after shampooing. Both should be done at least once a week. Note that some shampoos may contain harsh elements, so it is best to ask a stylist what shampoo and conditioner would be best for your extensions so they won’t be damaged. Continue reading