Virgin Brazilian Hair Extensions: Why You’ll Love Them

Women who want long hair in an instant can choose to wear hair extensions. These products come in different lengths and from different sources. While hair extensions made from different sources have a fine finish, most women still prefer extensions from a single human donor. One of the most sought after is virgin Brazilian hair extensions.

Characteristics of Virgin Hair

Virgin hair is intact and has never gone through any chemical processes—never dyed, bleached, colored, permed or undergone any kind of chemical treatment for preservation. It comes from a single donor with all the cuticles whole and left running in their original direction. Some with really strict standards even add that virgin hair must not have been blow-dried nor exposed to harsh agents, including drugs and cigarette smoke.

With the characteristics discussed above, it’s easy to see why virgin hair is preferred by many. It offers a natural look and feel, lasts longer and is virtually tangle-free compared to synthetic hair extensions.

Brazilian Hair

One particular type of virgin hair popular today is Brazilian. It is notable for its silky and shiny texture, flexibility and easy maintenance. The luster is not too intense, meaning it has a really natural look to it; not dull, but not too shiny.

Virgin Brazilian hair is available in silky straight, curly or wavy variants. If you want Brazilian curly hair extensions, you won’t have a problem finding one. Established sellers or suppliers can provide different variants of high-quality Brazilian hair to interested buyers.


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