3 Ways to Curl Your Extensions Without Heat

One of the best advantages of Brazilian virgin hair extensions is that they can be styled like your natural hair. You can dye them and you can even use straightening or curling irons. If you have the time to do it, however, you could use “heatless” techniques to style your hair with extensions. This way, you won’t damage them easily and you can maximize their lifespan and smooth, silky quality.

If you want to curl your hair extensions, here are three ways to do it without any heat:

Use your good old hair rollers

Get your trusty hair rollers, and use them like you normally would.

Use some clean long socks, dish towels, or any strips of fabric

If you don’t have any rollers handy, you can use virtually any clothing item or fabric lying around. Long socks and dish towels work best, but you can also cut up strips from an old shirt or a blanket. Simply roll sections of your hair parallel to the length of the fabric (until your roots or halfway through if you only want to curl the ends), tie the fabric in place, leave it for a few hours or overnight, and remove the fabrics carefully.

Get braiding

For more natural waves as if you’re fresh from the beach, braids will be your best friend. Section your hair into two for big waves and into more sections for finer waves. Use a sea salt misting spray for the effect to last longer.


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