Festival Hair Ideas: Braids, Bows and Beyond

Spring and summer are traditionally festival seasons, and as early as April, there are plenty of music festivals that you might be attending (got tickets to a Coachella weekend yet?). Aside from enjoying the shows, you can’t deny that music festivals are all about making fashion statements, and hairstyles are certainly part of a great outfit. Have you already planned for how to wear your hair?

How to Dress Up Your Fishtail Braid

Fishtail braids are definitely staples in music festivals, and you could make yours stand out by using easy to find hair products or accessories. For instance: you can use hair chalks to dye some of your locks with pastel colors, which would look like there are whimsical weaves of baby pink or powder blue strands in your braid. You can also use the hair chalk at the end of the braid for that lovely Ombre effect.

How to Make Your Bun More Interesting

Buns are also go-to styles, especially the messy, effortlessly stylish kinds. Make a more eye-catching bun by doing a large hair bow instead. Get a few bundles of Brazilian hair for sale and have them applied by a stylist if you need more length or volume.

Other Accessories and Styles to Try

If you want long, flowing locks, use dainty flower crowns as a chic accessory. You can also create a big braid crown and leave a few wispy strands to frame your face.


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