Hairstyle Suggestions for Your Special Night

If you’re planning to attend a special event, you must also be planning for a specific look. You’ve shopped for the dress, found the perfect pair of shoes, and decided what makeup look to go for. The problem is: you’re still undecided on what to do with your hair. To give you some ideas, here are a few chic and elegant hairstyle suggestions for you:

For Medium-Length Hair

The sleek look, the side braid chignon, or the retro-wave look is ideal if you have medium length hair. These three hairstyles strike the perfect balance between elegantly old-fashioned and modern swank.

For Curly Hair

Curly hair has a lot more style possibilities than you might think. Salon stylists will typically do one of three things with curly hair: use a hair iron to make it smooth and sleek, scrunch it to make the curls really stand out, or use curlers to create soft waves. Make sure, however, to stock on hair products to remove frizz. A conditioner will do nicely so that your hair will remain smooth, soft and manageable all night.

For Short Hair

Short hair may make you think you have limited style options, but with a few tricks, you can have virtually any hairstyle you want. For instance, you can purchase quality hair extensions, and once properly set onto your natural hair, you’ll be free to style your hair any way you like.


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