Add Beauty to Your Hair with Hair Extensions

Sometimes natural hair isn’t enough for your mane to look glorious. It needs something else to gain the celebrity ‘do quality.

Hair extension companies, for instance, offer the highest quality of Brazilian virgin hair so women could emulate their favorite artist. Whether wavy or straight, hair extension products are well-tended for, washed, and conditioned to keep their natural-looking appearance. Customers are assured that the virgin hair they receive is authentic for each strand.

Virgin hair is preferred than synthetic for its top quality and ability to seamlessly blend with your natural hair. From the term, virgin Remy hair has never been processed by any hair product or treatment, and each strand runs in the same direction. However, this superior quality of hair is naturally pricier by a few hundred dollars than the synthetic type.

Besides having different characteristics, hair extensions have three methods of installation, namely sew-in, bonded, and tape-in. Most women opt for durable wavy weave hair wherein the natural hair is braided into rows to be woven with the wefts of the virgin hair. This method produces a sturdier hair extension, and could be seen on Hollywood celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Emma Stone.

Experts advise to watch out for Brazilian hair with too much shine as this is likely silicone-coated and the coating will wear off soon. Silicone coating could easily damage the virgin Remy hair, eventually developing tangles and flat sections.


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