From Hair Donor to Brazilian Hair for Sale

Ever wondered where the hair from the popular Brazilian hair extensions comes from? It turns out that there’s a lot more work going on in the background before those famous hair extensions find their way to stores and salons. All that work also has something to do with why Brazilian hair is the best kind of extensions in the industry today.

Define “Virgin”

The term virgin in the context of hair extensions just means that the hair used has remained untouched by chemical treatments like dyeing, bleaching or coloring. This is why the hair extensions have that natural look in them.

The Collection

The fact that the hair is natural does mean that it came from some other person halfway across the world. Hair is collected from a single donor by tying it all up into a ponytail which is then cut off. Since cutting is done in one swift procedure, it ensures that the cuticles run in a single direction. The highest quality of hair is harvested only from a select number of women who are healthy. After it is harvested, it is then washed and disinfected.

Making the Weft

Just before the hair extensions find their way to the store, they are wefted to give them their distinct and stylish look. The wefts are either done by hand or machine.

Once they’re good and ready, the wefts are then shipped off to be sold. You’ll find them at your favorite stores in a number of different styles.


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