Trends You Can Try with Your Virgin Brazilian Hair

With hair extensions, you can have fun styling your hair. The added length and volume allow you to play around with several hairstyles, which you may not have been able to try with your natural hair. Virgin Brazilian hair is even better (compared to synthetic or processed alternatives) since it can be colored, ironed, fashioned, and tied as natural hair would.

Here are some hairstyle trends you can try with extensions bound to a weave:

Ombre or Block Coloring

The funky pixelated hair color trend is not bound to last, so you want to color your hair extensions with something more versatile. Ask your stylist to give you the ombre, where soft streaks of gold or brown can elegantly frame your face, or even block coloring, where larger sections of your hair will be colored in the dye of your choice.

Artsy Topknots

The extra strands come in handy when you want to do an artsy up-do, especially a topknot. Make it clean and sleek like a ballerina’s, or go for a messy, effortless look. You can even put braids in to give the style more flair.

Loud Waves or Curls

Sporting a mane of loose waves and natural curls is made easy by hair extensions in wavy or curly textures. When you’re in the mood for something “louder” and bolder, turn the do up a bit, get busy with your curling iron (don’t forget the heat protection spray!), and style your hair into a vivacious fro!


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