It’s a Long, Long Way to Awesome

Some women believe in sporting a long mane of hair to complement their looks. You may have even seen it in some ads where the woman looks around in the wind and her hair gently “whips” a guy who smells the freshness. Still, if the effort to look good involves buying hair extensions at Atlanta providers, it pays to have some idea of how long your preferred extensions must be.

Assessing the Length

Picking the extensions of the right length start with determining where exactly the starting point on your head will be. Some sellers say the top of your ear will be an optimal point to measure your prospective extensions in falling on you. Take note that issues such as height and build also factor in the computation of length.


Some experts state that the length of your preferred extensions will depend on the style you choose, whether straight, curly or wavy. As curly or wavy extensions are technically longer than straight extensions when you stretch them to maximum tension, you should plan ahead for choosing one size bigger than a straight extension of chosen length. If you’re short-haired, 18-inch extensions are optimal.

Choosing Brazilian virgin extensions that are of appropriate length and color may enhance your natural appearance. Are you ready to shop?


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