Get the Most Out of Your Hair Extensions

Now that you’ve got your Brazilian hair extension in place, this doesn’t mean that you just ignore it until it falls off. If you want the most out of your new hair, you’ll need to maintain it properly. Here are a few tips on how to do that:

  • Brush Regularly. Just like brushing your teeth daily, regular brushing is important for your hair extensions. For one, it ensures that your hair won’t end up getting tangled or frizzy. Remember to use the right type of brush: a soft bristle one is best. Be gentle with your hair extensions so that they will last longer.

  • Take Care in the Bath. Fused or woven-in hair extensions can only be removed at the salon; this means you’ll be bathing with them still attached. Washing them properly is key to ensuring that they last a long time; the first step is to detangle before shampooing, next is to use a gentle shampoo, finally, you’ll need to take it slow. Wet the extensions slowly and always use a downward motion.

  • Hair Extensions Won’t Last Forever. Though hair extensions are durable and can last a long time, they aren’t permanent. You’ll need to go back to the salon to have them replaced. Though they can last up to six months, it’s best to come in for a replacement after three or as recommended; this ensures that your hair will keep looking great.


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