How Brazilian Hair Became a Trend

For the past several years, Brazilian hair extensions have grown in popularity in the U.S., earning the favor of many American women from all walks of life. The most popular of this particular hair extension type is virgin Brazilian hair extensions, virgin here meaning hair that is free from any hair treatment or product.

Women in general are known to invest a lot of their time and money to hair care. This trend of attaining and preserving the perfect hair apparently came from the celebrities who don these ideal locks in order to look good in media. Celebrity hair looks luscious, and because of their inherently great quality and easy-to-style feature, Brazilian hair extensions became the hair treatment of choice for many American women who want to look like the celebrities they adore.

In Brazil, women vie for the locks of Victoria Secret model Gisele Bundchen for its long and bouncy style. A beauty director of a fashion magazine in Brazil admitted that it takes a lot to achieve this look, and purchasing virgin Brazilian hair extensions is one of the most crucial steps.

While Brazilian hair extensions are mainly used to add volume and length to one’s hair, that doesn’t mean that’s the only thing they’re good for. Talk to a hair specialist on how can deviate from the norm—you may be surprised to learn of the many ways you can wear Brazilian hair extensions.


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