What is Brazilian Hair?

Brazilian hair is one of the most preferred types of virgin hair extensions. It is soft, durable, and dense, making it easy to blend with most hair types, whether straight, wavy, or curly. Moreover, it easily matches hair of varying ethnicities. The ability to blend with many textures is one of the reasons why it is really sought after.

The thing to keep in mind about Brazilian hair is that you do not need to use too many bundles than you normally would to create a full look because of its density. In addition, compared to other hair textures, it is less likely to frizz. Brazilian hair comes in natural colors of black or dark brown, although it can sometimes be lighter. The color can be adjusted to darker or lighter shades by dyeing it.

Overall, Brazilian hair is favored because of its versatility. It can blend with various hair types, while its naturally dark color can be modified as desired. The hair is very soft and luxurious while giving off a natural shine and low to medium luster. Simply put, it is one of the most manageable hair types, particularly since there is no need to create a lot of bundles because of its natural density.


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