Various Shades of Remy Hair

Some women change their hair seemingly at the drop of a hat, whether to experiment with a new look or reflect a change in their lives. Those who wear hair extensions, however, don’t have a lot of legroom.

Unless you’re talking about virgin Remy hair, most hair extensions are best left untouched by any heating tool or dye. Since they’ve been washed and processed, these extensions are already stripped bare of their cuticle, the natural barrier that gives them their beautiful sheen. Any further treatment done on unprotected hair extensions will cause them to lose their natural color and render dyes useless.

On the other hand, virgin Remy hair does not undergo the same rigorous process. In fact, it maintains its organic look since the cuticle is preserved, allowing some degree of protection from natural and artificial stimuli. At any rate, proper caution still matters when coloring hair extensions of this sort.

Unless you know what you’re doing, be sure to leave the task to a professional. You can, however, conduct a test on a single strand to determine if the dye mix is just how you want it. Don’t forget to get the right peroxide developer; a 10-volume hydrogen peroxide solution opens up the shaft for the desired color to seep into the strand.


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